Archived Photos


 All photos from my sessions and events are permanently archived.  Below is a list of my entire professional works.  If you participated in or are interested in any of these photos, please Contact Me.  This list is in Chronological order, most recent listed first.

  • 2016-08-11  Breanna & Hanna Portraits - Rising Fawn, GA
    2016-06-02  Silver Crescent Horsemanship - Horses Learn to Swim
    2016-05-03  Robin & Roxanne - Alabama Horse Fair - Montgomery, AL
    2016-05-03  Alabama horse Fair – Montgomery, AL
    2016-02-27  NATRC Region 5 Awards – Helen, GA
    2016-10-24  NBRC Barrels & Poles – Ringgold, GA
    2016-10-24  NBRC Obstacle Challenge – Ringgold, GA
    2015-10-2&3  AERC Skymont, Altamont, TN
    2015-09-19  LaFayette Georgia “Fly-In”
    2015-08-30  W
    orcester – McRoberts Reunion – Oberlin, OH
    2015-08-15  NBRC Obstacle Practice & Jackpot – Ringgold, GA
    2015-05-16  Chattanooga Choo Choo Barbershop Chorus Show
    2015-04-01  For Sale – Arabian Mare – Kouvay Sashay
    2015-03-22  Riding Lesson – Linda – Mentone, AL
    2015-03-22  Riding Lesson – Margie Mentone, AL
    2014-10-31  AERC Skymont – Altamont, TN
    2013-08-19  Tessa South, Band, GA
    2013-08-02  Rock City Four, Quartet Photos, GA
    2013-06-27  Martin Dawson, Business Portraits, GA
    2013-02-09  Modeling Shoot, Clothing Line, GA
    2011-11-05  AERC Skymont, Altamont TN
    2012-10-06  NATRC Biltmore Estates, NC

    2012-09-22  Safe Horse Training – Obstacle Clinic
    2012-09-22  Safe Horse Training – Joyce Lewis
    2012-09-16  MCCC Show and Drag, TN
    2012-09-08  AERC Big South Fork, TN
    2012-04-10  Irwin, Sale Photos, GA
    2012-03-17  NATRC Spanish Trail, FL

    2011-11-05  AERC Skymont, Altamont TN
    2011-10-15  AERC Raptor Run, AL
    2011-09-18  Tessa South at Rolling Hills Farms, AL

    2011-08-27  Kidd 50th Wedding Anniversary, OH
    23011-06-18  NATRC Nimblewill, GA
    2011-05-14  Wedding - Jessica & Dylan

    2011-05-07  Georgia Paso Fino Horse Association, GA
    2011-04-09  Tessa South, Riding Lesson, AL
    2010-11-24  Tessa South, Red Horse Riding Stables, AL
    2010-11-24  John and Chanda, Wedding Photos, GA
    2010-11-06  AERC Big South Fork, TN
    2010-09-04  CFI Softball, Dalton GA
    2010-060-11  AHA R12 Trail Competition, East Fork, TN
    2009-08-15  Bridlewood Boarding Stables, Morris AL
    2009-06-20  Joyce Lewis Clinic, NC
    2009-04-28  Bridlewood Boarding Stables, Morris AL
    2009-06-20  NATRC Whitimore, AL
    2016-04-28  Tessa South, Track Meet AL
    2009-04-04  NATRC Sweet Home Alabama

    2009-02-07  NATRC R5 Clinic
    2008-11-08  Watson Womens Ride, AL
    2008-11-01  AERC Altamont, Skymont TN
    2008-10-17  Senior Photos - Kirstin Holmes, CA
    2008-10-05  Cabin, Sara Moore, TN
    2008-09-27  NATRC Championship Challenge, KY
    2008-09-13  NATRC Ride the Edge, East Fork TN
    2008-08-01  Extreme Trail Challenge, East Fork TN
    2008-07-19  Wedding, Ryan and Tasha,  KC MO
    2008-07-05  Fireworks, New Salem TN
    2008-07-04  Fireworks, LaFayette GA
    2008-07-03  Fireworks, Chattanooga TN
    2007-05-24  AERC Lonsgstreets Charge, LaFayette GA
    2008-05-17  NATRC Nimblewill Challenge, GA
    2008-04-12  NATRC Big South Fork, TN
    2008-04-08  PNH with Carol Coppinger, TN
    2008-03-29  50th Anniversary, Strickland, GA
    2008-03-15  AERC City Slickers, Memphis TN
    2007-11-03  AERC Altamont, Skymont TN
    2007-10-31  Miller Corvettes, Ringgold GA
    2007-10-27  NATRC Land Between the Lakes, KY
    2007-10-05  Bridlewood Boarding Stables, Morris AL
    2007-09-22  Cruise-In, Cleveland TN
    2007-09-08  NATRC Ride the Edge, East Fork TN
    2007-09-03  Car Show - Stocking Full of Love, GA

    2007-08-11  Corvette Photos, Gene Loach, GA
    2007-08-10  4L Ranch Rodeo, Summerville GA
    2007-08-01  Miller Corvettes, Ringgold GA
    2007-07-14  Cruise-In, LaFayette GA
    2007-07-03  Fireworks, Pops on the River, Chattanooga TN
    2007-06-30  Fireworks, New Salem GA
    2007-06-29  Fireworks, LaFayette GA
    2007-06-24  Portraits, Cindy Keen, AL
    2007-06-23  NATRC Cherokee Trails, AL
    2007-06-14  Bridlewood Boarding Stables

    2007-06-13  Portraits, John and Janet Brewer, AL
    2007-06-09  NATRC Biltmore Estates, NC
    2007-05-26  1890 Days, Ringgold GA
    2007-04-28  NATRC Sweet home Alabama, AL
    2007-04-21  Car Show, O-Rielly, GA
    2007-07-07  NATRC Big South Fork, TN
    2007-01-19  World of Wheels, Chattanooga TN
    2006-12-02  Chattanooga Choo Choo Chorus, TN
    2006-11-04  NATRC Land Between the Lakes, KY
    2006-10-07  NATRC R4 Benefit Ride, TX
    2006-09-30  NATRC Championship Challenge, AL
    2006-09-28  Bridlewood Boarding Stables
    2006-09-23  NATRC Heart of Dixie, AL
    2006-09-17  MCCC Show and Drag, TN
    2006-09-09  NATRC Ride the Edge, TN
    2006-09-01   NATRC Dawsonville, GA
    2006-08-26Cruise-in, Primp My Ride, GA
    2006-08-11  River City Club Fundraiser, TN
    2006-08-05  Chattanooga Choo Choo Chorus, TN
    2006-06-30  Fireworks, LaFayette, GA
    2006-06-14  MCCC Event, TN
    2006-06-03  NATRC Big South Fork, TN
    2006-05-28  Lee & Gordons Mills Festival, GA
    2006-05-28  Fireworks, Chickamauga, GA
    2006-05-20  NATRC Nimblewill, GA
    2006-04-30  NATRC Sweet Home Alabama, AL
    2006-04-20  Tour de Georgia, Chattanooga TN
    2006-03-04  50th Anniversary, Coulter, TN
    2006-01-26  Budweiser Clydesdales, TN
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